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Enderman is a mob added by vanilla Minecraft. They are often found in small groups or by themselves and appear completely black. When looked at, Endermen become angry with the player and will attempt to attack them.

Vanilla - Enderman


There are multiple strategies and methods to kill Endermen in Hexxit, ranging from using their height against them or using weaponry from mods that do not register as proper projectiles that Endermen should avoid.

Low Ceiling

Using cheaply made blocks from Artifice or other sources, a small mushroom like structure can be constructed to have only a ceiling height of 2 with openings on all sides to allow the Endermen to be seen and have them charge at the player. With the player standing a bit away from the edge, any weapon may be used against them without too many issues of them teleporting away.

Hunter's Handgun

The Hunter's Handgun may be used with Ender Shot from an Ender Magazine to kill Endermen fairly easily, as they do not recognize the ammunition as a projectile.

Other types of ammunition may be used as well, however if any effects such as the Exorcism Shot apply a tick like effect, as if the Enderman went into water, they will instantly teleport away.


2013-11-16 18.59.38

Mayhem left from ender rage in a players house. Result of opening several portals via Riftblade

  • Using Rift Blade may cause "Ender Rage", which will cause endermen to spawn at the location where the Rift Blade was used several times. Caution: Mayhem alert. Try it near valuable blocks and chests at your own risk.
Enderman with a block

Enderman with a block

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