Energized Camoflage Paste is a item part of the 1.12.2 remake of the SecretRoomsMod. It was first introduced in version 5.2.0. To get Energized Camoflage Paste, throw 5 normal Camoflage Paste into fire. Camoflage Paste cannot burn.

Energized Camoflage Paste has some intresting properties. It can change the appererance of other, non Secret Room Mod blocks.


To copy a block to the Energized Camoflage Paste, simply shift right click on the block you want to copy. The Energized Camoflage Paste will change color according to what block youve chosen. Alternitavly, pressing shift while hovering your mouse over the Energized Camoflage Paste will tell you what block is stored. Right click air to remove the block. 

To then change the block you are looking at, right click, and the block you are looking at will change.

To get rid of the Cover, shift right click on the block you want to remove it from. Alternitavly, use "/resetenergized" to remove all Covers. (Must be OP to do so)

Link to video made by dev