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Not to be confused with Meteor, the craftable and naturally occurring block with the same texture.

Fallen Meteor is a block added by the Falling Meteors mod. It does not occur naturally in any Dimension and only generates when a Meteorite meteor falls and crashes somewhere in the Overworld.


Fallen Meteor comes in two states:


Hot Fallen Meteor spawns from the initial impact. It is colored mainly grey with a few areas of purple alongside specks of yellow and orange. It emits smoke particles.

Stepping on or touching hot Fallen Meteor will set the player on fire and will damage them in a similar manner to Cactus. Also like cactus, any item that fall onto hot Fallen Meteor will be destroyed.


Cool Fallen Meteor results when hot Fallen Meteor eventually cools off from the initial impact. It is colored completely gray and does not emit smoke particles. It is safe to touch and walk on and will not destroy items.


Mining either the hot or the cool version of Fallen Meteor with a Silk Touch Pickaxe will allow the player to harvest the block's cool state. The hot state is unobtainable, even through commands.


Mining hot Fallen Meteor with an iron pickaxe or better will drop 0-4 Meteor Chips, with a rare chance to either drop a Red Meteor Gem or to spawn an Alien Creeper.

Mining cool Fallen Meteor with an iron pickaxe or better has a roughly 25% chance to drop a single Meteor Chip.

Notes & Tips[]

  • All Fallen Meteor drops are additively affected by the Fortune enchantment.
  • Since hot Fallen Meteor destroys items that touch it, it is highly advisable to use a Coin of Fortune or a Magnetization-enchanted piece of armor to avoid losing Meteor Chips or Red Meteor Gems while mining.
  • Hot Fallen Meteor that will drop Red Meteor Gem will show up as said gem in the NEI Highlights Tooltip.
  • The Fire Resistance effect will protect the player from hot Fallen Meteor, although they will still be set on fire, similar to being submerged in Lava.