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Fire Swamp is a dangerous biome added by Twilight Forest. The dirt blocks and foliage are an ominous dark red color. Hydras are most common in this biome, and will appear in large hills split open on the side. Lava pools replace water pools here. Small marks on the ground occasionally erupt into Fire Jets or columns of Smoking Blocks. The Fire Swamp is the natural home of the Hydra in the Hydra Lair

Twilight Forest Biomes
Wet Fire Swamp.png Fire Swamp16px Lake16px Swamp
Forested 16px Deep Mushroom ForestDense Twilight Forest.png Dense Twilight Forest16px Dark Forest16px Enchanted Forest16px Mushroom Forest16px Twilight Forest16px Twilight Stream
Non-Forested 16px Clearing16px Highlands
Cold Snowy Forest.png Snowy Forest16px Glacier
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