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This topic is a break from the older Images thread about image standardization which is now more enforced and a proper wikia standard for this wikia. This thread is about the naming scheme, and basic sizing information (if any) for in-game screenshots that are not intended to be under the other naming schemes. Personally I have been doing in-game screenshots with a cumbersome name in some cases where it is the Mod name, followed by a space hyphen space (" - ") followed by the item/block name then another separate sequence then additional info (like its the second one, etc, overhead, w.e, some of this can be seen on the biome pages where images i have uploaded such as Desert biome page).

Another productive member of this wikia started a different name scheme for these files containing an "SS-" prefix. This seems much simpler but I am unsure if "SS" is a good abbreviation for screenshot. Also, the hyphen in this doesn't seem to follow suit with the other three practices for image names from Images thread where hyphens are not used, so perhaps a space is desired.

If anyone has any thoughts on how this name scheme should be setup, please feel free to add. Kalbintion (Talk) 23:10, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

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