The Frying Pan is a weapon added by the Tinkers' Construct mod. It is a two-role item - it can both cook food and be used as a weapon. It can be crafted, modified, and repaired on a Tool Station or Tool Forge


To craft, one must first make both a tool rod and a pan of the desired material and place them into the Tool Station/Forge. 


Frying pans, although durable, deal very little damage when used as a weapon, but it cause slowness for 2 seconds. They seem to knock opponents back farther than a typical sword.


One can shift and right-click whilst holding a frying pan to place it onto the ground. Using any fuel, one can then cook multiple different food items at the same time; if all of the food in the frying pan is of the same nature, one piece of coal can cook up to 14 pieces of food.

The Frying Pan can only cook meat. This means it cannot smelt ores or transform Rotten Flesh into Leather.
Frying Pan GUI 1

Four raw foods being cooked

To pick up the Frying Pan again, break it. The pan and anything in it will drop.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a weapon called the Bane Of Pigs (often called the frying pan of death/doom or the God frying pan) that deals enough damage to kill any mob in the mod pack.
Frying Pan GUI 2

Once cooked, the four cooked foods appear on the right of the GUI