Biomes Ocean
Type Ship
Size Unknown
Added By Better Dungeons

The Galleon is the largest ship in Better Dungeons. The ship has 4 floors, all containing many Pirates.

The Galleon

The Galleon contains 4 floors.

First Floor

The first floor is simply a large open space with a staircase to the second floor. However, it does contain many Pirates. No loot, besides two rooms filled with TNT, is found on this floor, so it is pretty much a barrier.

Second Floor

This is a very dangerous floor. It contains many pirates and a few cannons. The cannons are a great way of sourcing TNT. Pirates can be harmed if you set off the cannons, but this could harm you as well. A few chests are found near the staircase up to the deck of the ship, with loot like food, weak weapons and ores such as Copper and Coal. There are also two cells containing captive Villagers.

Third floor

This is a good floor for loot, but this makes it the most dangerous floor. Many chests are found in the small buildings on the deck. The small building can contain medium weapons as well as Essences, food and ores like Gold Ingots, copper, Tin and occasionally Diamonds. Many Pirates are found here, and Pirates also occasionally drop essence of any kind apart from Magic Essence.

Fourth floor

The large 2-story building on the deck is where the best loot is found. There is nothing in the first floor, but the second floor contains 4 double chests and the Pirate Boss. The loot chests contains high-level loot, like Blocks of Gold, Diamonds, Enchanted Weapons, Armor, and Shields. There is also a large on-deck building full of beds and chests. The loot ranges from food to enchanted diamond and iron weapons. Rare ingots like copper, aluminum, tin, gold, and diamonds can be found.

Pirate Boss Fight

Pirate Boss Drops

The Pirate Boss drops the Trickster Dagger or Ninja Dagger, depends on what he uses to fight. The Pirate Captain has 500 health.

Pirate Boss Attacks

The Pirate Boss will attack with melee, and so attacking with a bow is a good tactic. One of his attacks is turning invisible. When he does this, look for the floating dagger. Another attack is making clones of himself. To counter this, look for his cape, only the real Captain has it. The Pirate Boss may combine invisibilty and clones, making it difficult to find him. He can also teleport to other parts of the fourth floor without warning. If he dissapears, make sure he isn't behind you. .

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