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This mod was removed in Hexxit 2.0.1c

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Geo Amulet
Geo Amulet
ID 6014
Stackable No
Type Amulet
Craftable Yes
Durability 50
Added By LegendGear

Geo Amulet is an item added by LegendGear.

Usage Edit

When using the amulet (default right-click) it negates all fall damage to the user. Durability of the amulet decreases by 1 for a fall of 5 blocks, and an additional 1 point for every block greater than 5 (9 block fall equates to a loss of 5 durability). Even with a durability of only 50 the user can negate falls greater than 55 blocks at the cost of destroying the amulet with a single fall. This can be represented by these equations:

f=b-4 The fall durability f is equal to the blocks fallen b minus four blocks.

d=c-f The resulting durability d is equal to the current durability c minus the fall durability f taken.

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Earth Medallion

Gold Ingot

Geo Amulet