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These items were removed in Hexxit 2.0.1c due to the removal of the Asgard Shield mod.

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For non-giant swords, see Swords.

Giant Swords are added by Asgard Shields. They are more expensive to craft than regular swords, but deal the same amount or more damage. When blocking with a Giant Sword, all damage is reduced.


There are Wooden, Stone, Gold, Iron, Livingmetal, Biomass, Diamond, Nether Quartz, and Ender Giant Swords.

Giant Sword Damage List

Image Material Damage Durability Additional Effects
Grid Golden Giant Sword Gold 6 48
Grid Wooden Giant Sword Wood 6 88
Grid Patchwork Giant Sword Patchwork 6 45
Grid Stone Giant Sword Stone 7 196
Grid Skull Giant Sword Skull 7 240
  • Can't deal damage to skeletons
Grid Iron Giant Sword Iron 8 375
Grid Nether Quartz Giant Sword Quartz 8 525
Grid Livingmetal Giant Sword Livingmetal 9 375
Grid Biomass Giant Sword Biomass 9 225
  • Durability is recovered when blood is collected.
Grid Diamond Giant Sword Diamond 9 2341
Grid Ender Giant Sword Ender 9 1350
185px-2013-07-02 12.46.37

A player holding a Diamond Giant Sword.

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