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This item was removed in Hexxit 2.0.1c due to the removal of the Asgard Shield mod.

Gilded Livingmetal Shield
2013-09-22 19.42.55
ID 5567
Stackable No
Type Shield
Craftable No
Added By Asgard Shield

The Gilded Livingmetal Shield is an Item from the Asgard Shield Addon for the Harken Scythe Mod. You can obtain it if you kill special mobs (like the ones from the Infernal Mobs mod). It can also be crafted.


  • The Gilded Livingmetal Shield has a durability of 378
  • The passive armor this shield grants the player reduces the incoming damage by 25%
  • The shield has a knockback of 1.5 blocks

Special AbilitiesEdit


  • Souleater: To use the Special Perk the shield will consume Soulkeeper Charges.

Special PerkEdit

  • Soul Matrix: There is a Chance (approximately 10%) that a succssesful block will activate a defensive barrier around the player that consumes up to 30 Damage. Due the Weakness (Souleater) it won't activate until you carry some Soulkeeper Charges with you.

Crafting Edit

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