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This item was removed in Hexxit 2.0.1c due to the removal of the Asgard Shield mod.

Gilded Wooden Shield
ID 5584
Stackable No
Type Shields
Craftable Yes
Durability 246
Added By Asgard Shield
Gilded Wooden Shield-guard

Guarding with the Gilded Wooden Shield.

The Gilded Wooden Shield is added by the Asgard Shield mod. It behaves like a Wooden Shield with greater durability and better abilities.

The shield has a durability of 246 and will absorb 15% of incoming damage even if it is not actively guarding.

Its special perk is Arrow Catch, and its weakness is Fire Damage: There is a 100% chance that incoming arrows will be added to your inventory, but blocking while on fire will almost instantly consume the shield and fireballs take 20 durability instead of 1 with each shot.

The shield can be held in the guard position for twice as long as the regular shield.

Wooden Shield-guard

Guarding with the Wooden Shield.


Crafting gilded shields is a known bug, and will not work. Gilded shields may be found as loot, and can be repaired with wood in an anvil.

Crafting GUI.png

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Wooden Shield

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Gilded Wooden Shield


  • Attempting to craft this shield will often crash the Hexxit client. When you log back in the Wooden Shield and the Gold Ingots will drop on the ground.
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