Glowshroom Stew is part of the Natura mod, and is crafted with Purple,Green and Blue Nether Glowshrooms along with a Bowl. It is identical to the graphic of regular mushrooms stew except for the color of the stew itself. Due to the traits of the Glowshrooms Glowshroom Stew is a respectable source of food in the Nether.

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png


Purple Glowshroom

Green Glowshroom

Blue Glowshroom

Glowshroom Stew

GlowShroom Stew

Glowshroom Stew. It has no skin thus far for the particles of the consumption animation.

Properties Edit

Glowshroom Stew is similar to other Nether food sources in that eating it has some unusual effects. Glowshroom Stew restores 3 points of hunger (HungerHunger Half) and gives you approximately 60 seconds of Night Vision buff, but also gives you Weakness for 20 and Mining Fatigue for 30. This dish also seems to have very high saturation, topping Berries and Mushroom Stew. It is highly recommended that you don't consume Glowshroom Stew in battle. Just wait out the debuffs and you'll stay fed for a while.

It also quite convenient that unlike regular Mushroom Stew, Glowshroom Stew can be stacked.


  • Glowshroom Stew has no eating particles.
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