Tinkers' Construct - Gold Gravel Ore

A vein of Gold Gravel Ore in the snow

Gold Gravel Ore is an ore found on the surface of the Overworld in a variety of biomes. It has the same physics as regular Gravel but drops nothing except the Ore. Harvest it with a Shovel of at least Iron strength, or force it to fall on 'semi' blocks such as Torches, Rails or Half Slabs.

Uses Edit

Gold Gravel ore can be smelted in a Furnace to yield a Gold Ingot or in a Smeltery to produce Molten Gold. The latter can yield twice as many ingots.

Notes Edit

Tinkers' Construct - Gold Gravel Ore - Fiery Pick

A Fiery Pick affecting the Gold Gravel Ore, dropping its smelted product.

  • Mining Gold Gravel Ore with a Fiery Pick will still drop a Gold Ingot, even though it's considered the improper tool type to use.
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