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Gold Ingot

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Gold ingots can be obtained by mining and trading with villagers.
|stackable=Yes (64)
|image=Gold Ingot ig.png
'''Gold Ingot''' is a metal added by [[Vanilla]] [[Minecraft]].
== Crafting ==
== crafting ==
Aside from the vanilla ways to get gold, a [[Tome of Alkahest]] and Lapis block can be used with a gold ingot to make two gold ingots.
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=Tome of Alkahest
|A2=Lapis Lazuli Block
|B1=Gold Ingot
|Output=Gold Ingot
{{Grid/Casting Table|Gold|144|Gold Ingot|Ingot Cast}}
{{Grid/Crafting Table
''{{Template:Grid/Crafting Table
|B2=Block of Gold
|Output=Gold Ingot
== Uses ==
|float = left|A2 = Log
It is used in the crafting of the [[Reinforced Chests|Reinforced Gold Chest]], [[Golden Lantern]], [[Golden Bow]], [[Gold Brick]], [[Scale Armor (Project Zulu)|Gold Scale Armor]], [[Sledges (Artifice)|Gold Sledge]], [[Gold Sickle]], [[Golden Giant Sword]], [[Golden Glaive]], and [[Golden Scythe]].
|B1 = Log|B3 = Gold block|C1 = Gold Ingot|C2 = Log|C3 = Gold Ingot|B2 = Chest|Output = Reinforced Gold Chest|A1 = Gold Ingot|A3 = Gold Ingot}}''
It can also be smelted in [[Smeltery]] for 144 [[mB]] of [[Molten Gold]].
''{{Template:Grid/Crafting Table
{{Grid/Smeltery|Gold Ingot|144|300|Gold}}
|float = left|A2 = Glowstone Dust|B1 = Gold Ingot|B3 = Gold Ingot|C1 = Glass Pane|C2 = Glowstone Dust|C3 = Glass Pane|B2 = Torch|Output = Golden Lantern|A1 = Glass Pane|A3 = Glass Pane|C2-image = Grid Glowstone Dust.png|C2-link = Grid Torch.png|C3-image = Grid Glass Pane.png}}''
{{Bignav/Vanilla Items}}
''{{Template:Grid/Crafting Table
[[Category:Vanilla Items]]
|float = left|A2 = Gold Ingot|B1 = Gold Ingot|B3 = Gold Ingot|C1 = String|C2 = String|C3 = String|B2 = Bow|Output = Golden Bow|A1 = |A3 = |C2-image = |C2-link = |C3-image = }}''
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