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2013-12-11 15.05.49
Health 20 (Heartx10)
Damage Unknown
Armor Unknown
Aggression yes
Added By Better Dungeons

The Golem is a hostile mob added by Better Dungeons.

The golem has 20 health and is hostile. They are miniature versions of the Golem Boss.

Spawning ConditionsEdit

The Golem spawns in normal Strongholds, but are extremely hard to find in Survival. This is because they don't spawn often. Although they are easy to spawn in creative, for you just have to type in 'Golem' in the 'Search Items' bar, and then get the shield-like item that says 'Golem'.


Golems look a little like their Iron Golem counterparts, but smaller and less powerful. They are also hostile, unlike an Iron Golem. They look a little more like a small version of the Exterminator Prototype,due to their red eyes. The Exterminator Prototype is their boss in the mod.