Chococraft - Green Chocobo - Riding

Riding a Green Chocobo in a Mini Jungle

Green Chocobos are a type of Chocobo, which is a mob added by Chococraft by Torojima. It is generally regarded as a Second Tier Chocobo color as it is created by breeding two Yellow Chocobos (which are First Tier). When using Lovely Gysahls, you have a 20% chance of the Chocobo mutating (becoming a Green Chocobo). When using a Golden Gysahl, you have a 50% chance. Green Chocobos can be bred with Blue Chocobos to produce a Green, Blue, or White Chocobo. If a mutation occurs, it will produce a White Chocobo, which is Third Tier. To increase the chances of mutating and producing a White Chocobo, you can use Golden Gysahls in the breeding process.

Green Chocobos have the ability to climb, which means they do not have the need to jump when ascending a block level. They are slightly faster than their yellow cousins.

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