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Better Dungeons Gremlin Shaman Boss

The Gremlin Shaman is a boss mob added by the Better Dungeons mod. This boss appears in Better Dungeons castles that are guarded by the Default Mob when the x or z coordinate of the castle is between 2000 - 3000. It appears as a Gremlin with a rainbow-colored cape in white armor. The Gremlin Shaman is armed with Wind Staff and what appears to be a HookShoot, but is actually a Spider Hook.


The Gremlin Shaman constantly shoots runes similar to those emanating from an Enchantment Table toward its opponent with the effect of a wind spell, making it difficult to engage in close-quarters melee.  However, the Gremlin Shaman will also use its HookShoot to draw opponents in for quick melee attacks and jump-charge attacks.


  • In previous versions of Better Dungeons, the boss mob for gremlins was the Spider Boss.  The Gremlin Shaman is new as of Hexxit 1.0.7.
  • Bows are ineffective against the Gremlin Shaman as the arrows are reflected with its wind spell.


  • The best thing to do is to lure the boss out of the room and move around the walls to reach to it. Another trick is to wait until it brings you toward it with the spider hook it has and then hit it as much as you can before he can use the wind spell on you again.
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