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The Harken Scythe mod adds a long list of new armors, items, and weapons to be used in the Hexxit Modpack. Each and every weapon serves a special purpose in making other items, improving other items, and making special armors!

Collecting Soul/Blood[]

Abilities from this mod are acquired by soul gathering or blood gathering to perform the main purpose of the mod. To gather souls or blood, you must use the special attack from a scythe or glaive. To perform this special attack with the weapon, Hold Right Click and release on a mob and it will drop a soul or blood. Scythes and Glaives can be found or crafted.

Use an Essence Keeper to collect the souls or blood.


These are acquired from the Altar of Blood and Altar of Souls, or the Enchanting Table.

Soul Augments[]

Soulsteal: Applicable only to weapons, this augment causes killed mobs to have a chance to drop their souls. 33% chance to drop soul on death per rank. 100% at rank III

Vitality: Applicable only to armor, this augment causes damage received to be occasionally dealt to your hunger bar, rather than your health bar. 5% chance per rank. Max 20% per piece of armor at rank IV

Blight: Applicable only to bows, this afflicts the target with the Wither effect. 5 seconds per rank. Max 15 seconds at rank III

Ward: Applicable only to Asgard Shields, this augment causes Vanguard to be more accessible. 10% x Rank chance on successful block while Guarding to gain an extra Vanguard Charge.

Decapitate: Applicable to axes, and on rare occasion weapons, this augmentation increases the chance of decapitating a mob and getting their head by 33% per rank.

Blood Augments[]

Bloodletting: Applicable only to weapons, this augment causes the mob to bleed an amount of blood when hit. 10% chance per Rank.

Exude: Applicable only to armor, this augment gives a chance to reduce poison/wither damage per tick. 4% chance per Rank.

Hemorrhage: Hitting bleedable targets causes them to bleed out for 5 seconds per Rank.

Afterlife: 10% x Rank on target death to create an Mob Egg of its type.

Sanguinary: Allows Vanguard to heal the player when activated and hits target. By 1/2/3 hearts. 3 Ranks

List of new items[]