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Collection and use of souls.
The only way that you can collect souls is by using a scythe from the mod.
If you type scythe into NEI, you can find at least 2 different types of scythes. One is from Harken Scythe, and one is from [[Tinkers' Construct]]. Obviously you want the one from Harken Scythe. There are different levels of the tool/weapon: Wooden, , Iron, Gold, and Diamond.
The next order of business is getting yourself an essence keeper, that away you can keep your souls and blood in one location. To craft this you will need 3 Ender Pearls, and they are placed in the same places as iron when you are making a bucket. This will hold 20 souls, or 20 blood. The next level up from this is the Soul Vessel.
Once you have yourself a scythe and an essence keeper, you want to go find yourself something to kill. Normally you would kill by using the left mouse button.
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next you will need an essence keeper which ia able to store 20 souls now a better version is the essence vessel which can be looted from towers and dungeons itss pretty rare now another way to get it is by killing the harbinger it might also drop a soul reaper i will explain this later. So you must find a mob any mob from any mod works so you now hold right click until it is fully charged then release right click once the mob dies it will spawn a cube so now you hold the essence keeper/vessel and right click the cube it will store 1/20 souls and it is now called a soul keeper so you might want to craft a few essence keepers as the vessels are uncraftble and are loot or a harbinger drop what you want to do after that is collect as much obsidian and ender pearls as possible so first craft a book of shadows (as i said the recipe is availible in NEI which mean not enough items then you need to craft an alter of souls and a soul crubicle craft 4 that is the needed amount now to set it up is place the alter of souls in the middle and place a crubicle 1 block forward of the alter of souls and the same behind it and right to it and left to it now store them with souls how to fill it is by right clicking the crubicle with a soulkeeper now you can get special enchants the list of enchants will be on the main harken scythe page it will cost 50 souls now that is all I can tell you I willbe continued soon feel free to edit the page I will be back later
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