Better Dungeons - Healing Staff - In Hand

Player with a Healing Staff

Better Dungeons - Healing Staf - In Use

Healing a Chocobo

Healing Staff is an item added by Better Dungeons. The Healing Staff is crafted using a shapeless recipe with a normal staff and one life essence. The left click function allows it to heal the target, be it a friendly, neutral, or aggressive mob, restoring 2 HP on each use. This can be very useful if you have Wolves that follow you around or a Chocobo/Horse/similar ride who has been damaged. It can also heal other players in SMP. It has no right click ability.

The Healing Staff can be found naturally in high-tier Dungeon chests or as mob loot.

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png


Life Essence

Heal Staff

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to Hexxit 1.0.7, this item was called Heal Staff
  • Be wary that this can heal hostile mobs, so a tip is to keep it out of your hotbar when fighting in dungeons.


  • When fighting infernal mobs, hitting them with the healing staff returns the mobs health to that of its default. (useful when fighting mobs with well over 100 health due to the health multiplier.)
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