Hedge Maze
Hedge Maze Icon
Hedge Maze Icon
Biomes Twilight Forest
Type Unknown
Size 49 x 49 (blocks)
Added By Twilight Forest

Entrance to a Hedge Maze. There's one on all four edges of the maze.

Hedge Mazes are generated structures found in, and added by, the Twilight Forest. They will often contain multiple chests with loot and monster spawners. They show up on a Magic Map. Attempting to break maze walls or standing on maze walls effects the player similarly to standing on a cactus.

A top-down view of a Hedge Maze

A four-way clearing in a Hedge Maze, containing a monster spawner and up to 2 chests.

Mob spawners within the maze will typically spawn Hedge Spiders, Swarm Spiders, and Hostile Wolves. Hedge mazes are usually well-lit by Fireflies.

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