Hedge Maze
Biomes Unknown
Type Unknown
Size Unknown
Added By Twilight Forest
Twilight Forest - Hedge Maze - Entrance

Entrance to a Hedge Maze. There's one on all four edges of the maze.

Hedge Maze is a generated structure found in, and added by, the Twilight Forest. It will often contain multiple chests with loot and monster spawners. They will show up on a Magic Map. Trying to break maze walls or standing on maze walls effects the player similarly to standing on a cactus.

Twilight Forest - Hedge Maze - Above

A top-down view of a Hedge Maze

Twilight Forest - Hedge Maze - Intersection

A four-way clearing in a Hedge Maze, containing a monster spawner and up to 2 chests.

Mob spawners within the maze will typically spawn Hedge Spiders, Swarm Spiders, and Hostile Wolves. Hedge mazes are usually well-lit by Fireflies

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