Hexical Diamond
ID Unknown
Stackable Yes
Type Unknown
Craftable Yes
Smeltable No
Added By Hexxit Gear

Hexical Diamond is an item added by Hexxit Gear and is an item used for crafting the three armor sets.It is crafted with a Diamond and Hexical Essences. Besides being crafted, Hexical Diamonds can be found in dungeon or battle tower chests, although Hexical Essences are more common than natural Hexical Diamonds. It is rarely dropped by Infernal Mobs.


Crafting GUI.png

Hexical Essence

Hexical Essence


Hexical Essence

Hexical Essence

Hexical Diamond


Hexical Diamonds are used in the crafting of the Hexxit Gear armors: Tribal ArmorThief Armor and Scale Armor.

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