Project Image Rename is dedicated to fixing the file names found at Category:Improperly Named Files to be in line with our File Name Standards.

How To Help Edit

If you wish to contribute toward this, you will need to request the "filemover" usergroup from an admin or contact Kalbintion on his message wall. After you have been given permission, you may start renaming the files at your leisure.

Suggestions Edit

If you have any suggestions on means to get this project done, feel free to make your thoughts heard on the talk page. If you wish to discuss the File Name Standards, head over to here for discussion.

Participants Edit

If you wish to help, go ahead and place your name on this list after you have the file mover permission!

The current users are a part of this project, or have contributed toward the completion of this project:

Active Members
Inactive Members

Progress Edit

There are currently 988 files left out of 1,090. This means we are 9.36% done, and that leaves us with 90.64% left to do.