Before using this page to request for adminship, please see if you follow these guidelines. Also, please note that these guidelines are not set in stone and may change at any time.
Necessary Requirements
  • Hasn't been blocked in the past 60 days (2 months). While being blocked from editing is generally not a good thing, it does not prevent you from being considered as long as the offense isn't to substantial.
  • Has been active on the wiki for at least a month. This requirement is designed to stop new users from asking for adminship as well as make sure you do not abuse the wiki without having access to more damaging tools.
  • Has a Wikia account. If you don't have an account, it is sort of impossible to become an admin on any wiki.
Desired Requirements

These requirements are not 100% necessary but it would not hinder. These hold more importance than the other guidelines.

  • Has shown great dedication to the wiki. This can be done by following some of the other guidelines for wanted images, completing and other activities to help improve this whiki.
  • Has communication between current users and staff. Discussion of wiki standards can show that you take this wiki seriously and want to help improve this.
Other Guidelines

These guidelines are not necessary but can assist in being considered.

  • Uploaded numerous necessary images. Images are a necessity on some pages to help the reader understand the material or to give an idea of what something is. You may visit the for pages that are marked for needing iamges, or see Special:WantedFiles for files that still need to be uploaded and are linked to somewhere.
  • Has created numerous necessary pages. Creating numerous pages isn't necessarily a good thing, but dedication to each page and fully filling out necessary pages would be more worthwhile than not. Completing would be more advantageous than creating a bunch of pages with little to no info. See Special:WantedPages for pages that still need to be created.
  • Fixed numerous pages to be uniform. Wiki standards are very important to make pages and other articles in-line with one another to be less confusing to the reader as well as making some templates more usable. See Forum:Wiki Standards for the current discussions and implemented standards.

This page is also used to request access to the following admin-based user groups:

  • Blocker. This group is used to block offending users from editing further. This will be rarely given out and requires multiple admin consensus on it being given.
  • Comment Patroller. This group is used to edit and delete comments from pages.

Archived Requests Edit

For list of archived requests, please see the archived requests page.

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