This page will compare 5 different hooks in Hexxit. The following are: Hookshot (LegendGear), Hookshoot (BetterDungeons), Longshoot, Manualhook, and Spiderhook.

Comparison Chart Edit

! Max Distance Minimum Distance Auto Reel Reel Control Grip Durability Craftable
Hookshot (LegendGear) 22 1 Yes No Woods/Logs Only 256 Yes
Hookshoot (BetterDungeons) 10 1 Yes Release Only Everything & Mobs Infinity Yes
Longshoot 20 1 Yes Release Only Everything & Mobs Infinity

Yes (2 Hookshoots)

Manualhook 30 3 No Yes Everything & Mobs Infinity

Yes (2 Longhooks

Spiderhook 40 2 No Yes Everything & Mobs Infinity No (dropped by Shelob)

Survival Strategies Edit

The HookShot (LegendGear) isn't recommended for long term use, as it can only grab onto wooden-based blocks and logs. If you have diamonds, it's recommended to instead make the HookShoot (BetterDungeons), as it can be used on a much wider variety of blocks, however, its range is half that of the HookShot (LegendGear.) You'll have a much higher chance to find a Hookshoot, Longshoot, or even a pair of Hookshoots than finding a HookShot (LegendGear) in most dungeon raids.

You can also use more than one HookShoot (BetterDungeons) with you to travel across a large body of lava by crawling across the ceiling in a cave or structure (Like Spiderman would.) This is not recommended with the Hookshot (LegendGear). You may also use hooks as leashes on more than one mob or creature if you need to herd them in your direction. This is extremely useful to move a great number of chickens into a farm pen all at once.

Combat Strategies Edit

It's ideal to use the hooks to pull some mobs down off of a wall or pull them up to a high place and release them to cause fall damage. Skeletons, of course, have an annoying knockback effect with arrows. With these hooks, you can keep them closer and finish them off with melee if you do not have the ranged weapons. This also works well on mobs or bosses that have the ability to teleport. However, it is recommended that you fight these teleporting targets out in open areas, such as plains of deserts. Fighting these teleporters in a castle or underground can make you become a pancake with a wall if they teleport into another room. Always be wary of any lava in the area. 

Sadly, none of the hooks will work on the Ender Dragon, however, they will work on Eagles, Pelicans, and Vultures if you need some aerial support. It's recommended that you extend your reel to keep mobs from attacking your bird, should they happen to miss you by chance, killing the bird.  With an "Afterlife" enhancement, you could spawn one of these birds in The End and use them for aerial support against the Ender Dragon. They may not fly in the direction you want, but you can swing yourself out of harm's way quickly when the Ender Dragon comes barrelling toward you.

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