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The Hookshoot is from the Better Dungeons mod (not to be confused with the Legend Gear's Hookshot) and allows the player to grapple onto objects.

How to useEdit

The Hookshoot is very simple to use. It has a range of 10 blocks. Right-click whilst facing the desired surface and a grapple will fire out of the Hookshoot, pulling the holder towards the surface that it lands on.

Hookshoot, Longshoot, and Manualhook for comparison.

Hookshoots can commonly be found in top-tier dungeon chests.


It travels in a straight line until it comes into contact with a block, an entity, or maxes out its range. If it hits, the hook attaches to it, and pulls you to wherever it is, as much as it can (cannot pull you through blocks), you do not take falling damage while connected. Right clicking again will retract the hook, and you will fall. If you miss a block or mob you can right click to instantly to retract the hook and try again or wait till it reels its self back in. While returning it follows the most direct path to you allowing it to catch on the top of ledges or an entity from behind.

Interaction with Entities

The Hookshoot can also be used against entities such as mobs, boats, minecarts and other players though items do not have any current interactions. If an entity is within the Hookshoot's range, you may fire at it and the hook will automatically pull the mob if its size is smaller or equal to your own (e.g. pigs, chickens, squid, creepers, skeletons, zombies, wisps and other players). This makes it easy to move animals to a farming area or kill wisps by bringing them into melee range. However, you are pulled towards mobs who are bigger than you (e.g. Chocobos, Iron Golems, minotaurs and Endermen).

WARNING - though you can hook an enderman, teleporting away does not unhook you, which can pull you into some bad situations.

This behavior is similar to its upgrades.

It can be upgraded into the Longshoot by combining two in a crafting grid.

Crafting Edit

The Hookshoot can be made with seven diamonds, one piston and one arrow.

Crafting GUI.png











Uses Edit

Hookshoot is used to craft the Longshoot.


  • Size seems to be determined by hitbox.
  • Items, though entities, do not have hitboxes when dropped on the ground.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to Hexxit 1.0.7, this item was named HookShoot.
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