Ice Bull is a boss mob added by the Better Dungeons mod.  It can be found in Ice Caves and serves as the boss mob for that structure.  The Ice Bull uses a single charging attack that is very fast.  It is able to race across the ice and slam the player for several hearts worth of damage.


  • It will destroy any blocks nearby when charge-attacking, the only exception is bedrock, so it is not recommended to fight this mob near important structures.
  • It will replace any air block below its feet with Ice blocks.


  • The 'Spawn Egg' for this mob is called Bull instead of Ice Bull.
  • Because of its ability to replace air with ice, it is possible to create an ice farm using Ice Bull, however, it is hard to impossible because the Ice Bull will target you while farming the ice.
  • The bull appears to be a reference to the American tall tale "Paul Bunyan", the bull is found by the main character in the wild during a blizzard and is blue because of the fierce cold.


It is recommended to be wearing a strong and fast set of armor such as the Thief armor during this fight so that the skilled player can swiftly dodge the Icebull's charge attacks. Try to make it hit the wall so that you will have enough time to get some damage into it. Repeat until it drops it's loot upon death. An Electric Staff will also help, as right clicking will push you up or to the side very quickly, allowing you to get out of the way.

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