Better Dungeons - Ice Staff - In hand

The player equipped with an Ice Staff

Better Dungeons - Ice Staff - In Use

A group of Cows affected by a single use of an Ice Staff, confirming the AoE (Area of Effect) speculation.

The Ice Staff is an item added by Better Dungeons. It can be rarely found in dungeon chests or it can be crafted. Left clicking on a mob will inflict the mob with slowness for 10 seconds. This does not prevent them from moving or attacking, so walking up to them can still get you hit and enemies with projectile weapons will still shoot you. Right clicking will freeze as a ranged projectile, but the freeze only lasts for 3 seconds. The freeze effect is treated as a splash potion centered on the place you right clicked. Instead of affecting the "targeted" mob like most staffs, all mobs within a few blocks will also receive the slowness effect from the Ice Staff. [Tested]

The Ice Staff can be found as loot from Better Dungeons chests or mobs.


Crafting GUI.png


Ice Essence

Ice Staff

 You will need 1 staff and 1 Ice Essence to craft the ice staff.


  • Unlike an actual Splash Potion, the Ice Staff appears to affect all mobs in the radius of effect equally. Mobs at the edge of the affected area receive the same 3 second of slowness that mobs on-target do.
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