Iron Ingot
Grid Iron Ingot
ID 265
Stackable Yes (64)
Type Materials
Craftable No
Is Loot Yes
Smeltable Yes
Added By Vanilla

Iron Ingots are materials added by Vanilla Minecraft. Iron is one of the most common and important materials in Hexxit. Iron Ingots can be obtained by smelting Iron Ore in a Furnace or by using a Smeltery to cast molten iron into an Ingot Cast on a Casting Table. Alternatively you can cast the molten iron into a Casting Basin to make an Iron Block.

Uses Edit

Project Zulu Edit

Iron is used to make Iron Scale Armor.

Hexxit Gear Edit

Iron is used to make Tribal Armor.

LegendGear Edit

Iron is used to make the Hookshot and Caltrops.

More Bows! Edit

Iron is used to make the Legia, Crystal and Iron Bow.

Falling Meteors Edit

Iron is used to make the Meteorite Axe, Meteorite Sword, Meteorite Pickaxe, Meteorite Hoe and the Meteorite Shovel.

Immibis Microblocks Edit

Iron is used to make the Hacksaw.

Dimensional Doors Edit

Iron is used to make the Rift Signature.

Bibliocraft Edit

Iron is used to make the Tape Measure, Reading Glasses, Print Press Chase, Armor Stand, Tool Rack, Typesetting Table and the Printing Press.

Xeno's Reliquary Edit

Iron is used to make the Hunter's Handgun, Hammer Assembly, Barrel Assembly, Grip Assembly, Empty Magazine, Neutral Shot, Magicbane and the Ice Magus Rod.

Twilight Forest Edit

Iron is used to make Raw Ironwood Materials and Fiery Ingots.

Better Storage Edit

Iron is used to make the Armor Stand and the Reinforced Iron Chest.

Artifice Edit

Iron is used to make Industrial Scaffolding, Industrial Frames, Reinforced Frames and the Iron Sledge.

Asgard Shield Edit

Iron is used to make the Iron Shield.

Better DungeonsEdit

Iron is used to make the Bullet.

Additional Edit

Chisel recipe from Tinkers' Construct Iron Ingots can be smelted to make Steel Ingots.

Other Items Iron Glaive, Iron Scythe, Iron Spear, Iron Big Sword, Iron Dagger, Handle, Iron Sickle, Lock, and Iron Giant Sword.

Achievements Edit

Icon Title Description
Grid Iron Ingot
Acquire Hardware Smelt an iron ingot

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Block of Iron

Iron Ingot


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