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A player in full Ironwood armor holding an Ironwood ingot.

Ironwood is a material that can be obtained by smelting Raw Ironwood Material in a furnace or found in chests in the Twilight Forest. It can be used to make weapons, armor, and tools. All items made with ironwood come pre-enchanted, except for the hoe.

Ironwood tools have a full tool durability of 513.



  • Ironwood Helm: Aqua Affinity I
  • Ironwood Plate: Protection I
  • Ironwood Legs: Protection I
  • Ironwood Boots: Feather Falling I


  • Ironwood Sword: Knockback I
  • Ironwood Pick: Unbreaking III
  • Ironwood Axe: Fortune I
  • Ironwood Shovel: Unbreaking I
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