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Biomes Plains
Type Dungeons
Size Unknown
Added By Better Dungeons

The KamiPalace is a structure generated by the Better Dungeons mod. It appears as an incomplete 1x1 pillar of Endstone with ladders climbing one face. The castle at the top of the pillar is a large structure also made of Endstone. In the middle, ladders lead up to higher layers with loot and monsters. This castle is guarded by the Better Dungeons default mob, which means the mob and the boss depend on the structure's distance from spawn.  There is always a boss within the main keep on the surface.

Location Edit

KamiPalace spawns naturally in the Plains, Meadow, Savanna, Shrubland, and Wasteland biomes.  There is a chance of spawning a KamiPalace by left-clicking with the Better Dungeons Castle spawner.

Strategy Edit

It is a good idea to wear Cloud Boots when conquering this castle as a fall from any part of it is potentially lethal. With Diamond Scale Armor and a Diamond Giant Sword this dungeon can be rather simple to overcome.

A bow to deal with Creepers is recommended - Creepers pose a serious threat as they can detonate and leave holes traveling through the floor. Another good way to deal with Creepers without bows and arrows is a Poison Staff. Simply right-click the Creeper to poison it.

Although one should always be prepared with at least a half-stack of Steak or other similarly-fulfilling item, it is recommended to have 25 hunger points-worth of food.

Trivia Edit

  • The name and design of this dungeon is based on the animated show, Dragon Ball, where Kami, a character from the show, lives in a lookout tower that floats in the sky.

Gallery Edit

  • kamiPalace entrance
  • kamiPalace bottom
  • kamiPalace top
  • kamiPalace necromancer
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