King sliqme
King slime

The King Slime is a boss that randomly spawns. When it spawns near the player, a health bar similar to the one when fighting the Ender Dragon will appear at the top  of the HUD. It also seems to spawn various versions (see Infernal Mobs) of Blue Slimes as minions,including various jockeys.

Combat StrategyEdit

The King Slime has a health of 100, and a decent attack as well, but it is slow. The best way to come at it is to attack then get back or shoot it from long range with a bow. The King Slime is not a very hard boss to defeat in Hexxit, but it can be tricky if you lack the proper equipment. It is recommended to use full iron or stronger armor, as well as an iron giant sword or better and a bow.

Once you have defeated it, you will receive a random "King Slime" tool; a King Slime Hatchet, King Slime Shovel, or any other random item from the "slime set" and approximately 24 levels of XP.


  • This boss may be a reference to Terraria, which has a boss by the same name with roughly the same battle style.
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