The King Spider is a larger cousin to the regular Hedge Spider that spawns only beneath the canopy of the Dark Forest biome within the Twilight Forest. It shares the same mesh and the same skin as the regular Hedge Spider, but has been scaled up by a factor of two, being twice as tall, twice as wide and twice as long. The King Spider has 15 hearts, 50% more than that of a regular Minecraft player and nearly twice that of the regular Spider and Hedge Spider. The King Spider also deals three times the damage of a normal Spider, dealing three hearts with every hit. This puts the King Spider on par with the Naga and the Lich in terms of damage ability.

The King Spider is a very formidable foe due to its large amount of health, its size and its attack power. The King Spider also has increased speed over a regular Spider, meaning that sprinting is insufficient to stay ahead of a King Spider when being chased by one.

  • A Skeleton Druid riding a King Spider

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