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Nether Portal created by Kreknorite Meteor. Note the Blaze under it.

A Kreknorite Meteor is the rarest meteor of the three (Meteorite, Frezarite, and Kreknorite) that you will encounter. When it crashes, it may also spawn a Nether portal with accompanying Nether Brick and Glowstone. However, it usually brings some of its mobs with it, the most common being Blazes. The Nether portal will only appear if the meteor that fell is bigger than the smallest type of meteor (There are 3 sizes of meteors, thus Kreknorite must be size 2 or 3 to spawn the portal). It creates lava and Kreknorite blocks, which then turns into obsidian after it cools. Be careful not to step on Kreknorite blocks, as they will set you on fire. Make sure that you mine next to the block, not on top of it.

A Diamond Pickaxe is required to mine to Kreknorite blocks. You will not always get Kreknorite chips, as the drop chance is random. You can increase this chance by using the Fortune enchantment.

Kreknorite chips are used to craft Kreknorite Armor and Kreknorite Swords.

Summoning Edit

A Kreknorite Meteor can be summoned using a Kreknorite Meteor Summoner, and is the most destructive as it will both create lava and fire, as well as spawn a portal with Blazes around it.


The Kreknorite meteor is one of the rarest Meteorites in the game, sometimes falling in small qualities in dispersed spots through your world. Oftentimes Kreknorite crash sites are surrounded by skeletons and are in a crater averaging 4 blocks deep. A nether portal will spawn at larger crash sites.

Tools & ArmorEdit

-Kreknorite Sword- Deals 8 damage and when right-clicked, gives the Fire Aspect II enchant

Armor- When right-clicked, gives the Fire Protection IV enchant. 

-Kreknorite Helmet- Gives 1.5 bars of armor

-Kreknorite Chestplate- Gives 4 bars of armor

-Kreknorite Leggings- Gives 3 bars of armor

-Kreknorite Boots- Gives 1.5 bars of armor

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