At the bottom.

At the bottom of Lava Well Traps there is usually gold or diamond ore to mine. However, on the way back up the ladder will have a small gap in it with a ladder further behind. When you try to grab the ladder from behind to finish the ladder, or mine the ore at the bottom while the water is flowing, it will trigger a trap that sends lava down on you from above. These traps are often easy to distinguish in the landscape, as a large portion of cobblestone 'juts out' from the ground. The well usually goes down 10-15 blocks, but can sometimes reach up to 30 blocks deep, with water at the bottom.

How it WorksEdit

Lava Well Trap uses several simple mechanisms to trigger the trap.

Safe MiningEdit

There are some simple steps to get the ore below safely without dying.

  • First, you must drain the water, so it will not destroy torches that supports the ladder.
  • Second, you can mine all ores inside.
  • Third, this stage is quite tricky, getting back up:

You can pillar blocks to exit or take ladder from other side (so it will trigger only for one side, leaving other side safe)

You can also replace the gravel that blocks the lava by other non-gravity blocks, so if the trap is triggered no lava will flow down.


  • On Superflat(Default/Classic Superflat) world, the Lava Well Trap will trigger itself when generated and also break bedrock, opening access to The Void.
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