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Leather Tunic
Leather Tunic
ID 299
Stackable No
Type Armor
Craftable Yes
Is Loot Yes
Durability 299
Armor Pts. 3 (ArmorArmor Half)
Enchantable Yes
Smeltable No
Added By Vanilla
Visit the Minecraft Wiki for basic information about Leather Tunic

Leather Tunic is an armor piece added by vanilla Minecraft. It is crafted completely from leather in the shape you would craft any other armor chestplate. A Leather Tunic can be found in Battle Tower lower level chests, or looted off of zombies or skeletons who wear it. It can sometimes be enchanted.


  • Leather Tunics aren't the best type of armor, and are in fact one of the lowest tiers, but is the best of the Leather Armor set. It breaks relatively easily when in small to medium combat, and provides a low amount of armor points. 
  • Players on multiplayer servers may want to give away Leather Armor to newer players if they want to, considering much more armor can be found, and the rarity of cows until one reaches a far point.