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This item was removed in Hexxit 2.0.1c due to the removal of the More Bows! mod.

  The Legia Bow delivers fast, 2-3 arrow shots while only consuming one arrow. Only one of the fired arrows is collectable. The draw speed is faster than the Iron Bow. It is currently the most powerful bow of the mod.

This bow can be found in chests as top tier dungeon loot, or as top tier loot in battle towers.

Crafting Edit

The bow is crafted with an iron ingot, two iron bows, and three string with the iron ingot in the far left column, the iron bows sitting opposite of each other in the middle column, and string in the far right column.

Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot

Iron Bow

Iron Bow




Legia Bow

Notes Edit

  • When using an Anvil, The Legia bow requires another Legia bow to repair it with.
  • The number of arrows fired - two or three - appears to be randomly determined.  This is not controlled by the archer.
  • The grouping of the arrows on impact also appears to be random.  They may hit in almost the exact place, one block apart vertically, or up to three blocks apart horizontally.
  • If using against a large target, having any level of power would increase the power exponently, since it fires two or three arrows  per shot.

Bugs Edit

  • When using elemental arrows like the Ice Arrow either in creative mode, or with infinity 1, it will still use up the arrow.
  • When the Legia Bow fires three arrows at the cost of one, two arrows are able to be picked up instead of just one. This results in a duplicate arrow.
  • The Legia Bows have a chance (very rare) to only shoot one arrow.
  • There is a slight probability of the arrows fired from the bow hitting one another mid-flight, resulting in one or more of the arrows returning to the point of fire.
  • It is possible to enchant a Legia Bow with an update from Artifice such as Plaited String and then remove the enchantment in an Enchantment Table, resulting in a cheap way to quickly get lots of experience (especially if a Cotton-field is available). Be careful though, since the removal of the enchantments will not be recognized properly, which results in very high repair costs.


  • It is possible to hit multiple targets in one shot.
  • The Legia Bow fires only one Arrow per shot when it is used together with the Quiver.
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