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This mod was added in the Hexxit 3.0

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LevelUp! is a mod in Hexxit.

LevelUp! gives an new "class" system based off the xp bar and a choice of 13 preset classes and 12 skills Which give bonuses to several key attributes in Hexxit. This mod is used to make it easier to keep levels and give the tradition Minecraft experience system more uses.

You get 3 skill points to use in one of the 12 skill(s) of your choice, Every point gives you a small increase in the skill. Every 5 points give a bigger increase in the skill, but it's a different kind of bonus. All skills can be leveled up to 50 (by default, can be changed in .cfg files).  Player level is capped at 100.

All classes are separated into 3 categories: mining, crafting, and combat. Each one gives a bonus accordingly.


There are 12 skills:


  • Every point in this gives a chance to receive double drops on all ores(except the ones you drop).
  • Every 5 points increases the mining speed of all ores, stone, and obsidian.


  • Every point increases your chances of a critical hit with swords by 0.5%
  • Every 5 points increase damage dealt by sword 5%    


  • Every point increases chance of get extra planks/sticks from cutting natural trees.
  • Every 5 points increases the speed you can break wooden blocks slightly.