Lich Tower
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Biomes Highlands, Dense Twilight Forest, Mushrooms, Lots of Mushrooms
Type Structure
Size Unknown
Mobs Twilight Lich, Skeleton, Death Tome
Added By Twilight Forest

Lich Tower are generated structures in the Twilight Forest dimension. They appear in a few different biomes varying in size and form, though the general layout remains the same. At the top of the main tower lies the boss mob; the Twilight Lich. Side-towers unnecessary for reaching the Twilight Lich branch off it.

Overview Edit

When exploring the Lich Tower, bring Iron armor and weapons at the minimum. Things that reduce or nullify fall damage such as Feather Falling enchantments, Cloud Boots, and Golden Feathers are recommended. Items like the Electric Staff, Ender Pearls and Hookshoot items can bypass a lot of tedious stair climbing. It is also advised that light sources and a ranged weapon are brought along.

Inside the Lich Tower, Skeletons and Death Tomes spawn in abundance, either naturally or from monster spawners. Zombies, Creepers, and Endermen also inhabit the tower along with Swarm and Hedge Spiders from spawners.

Layout Edit

Twilight Forest - Lich Tower - Main Stairs

The grand staircase room within the Lich Tower center pillar.

Twilight Forest - Lich Tower - Small Stairs

Inside of a side-tower's stair room.

There is no designated entrance, so the best way to start is to break into the walls at surface level. A very tall room filled with Paintings and two spiral staircases lead the way up to the Twilight Lich’s quarters. Along the staircases are spawners on bridges connecting the staircases that create Skeletons or Swarm Spiders. Beware of gaps in the staircases. A player could use an Electric Staff to fly up in seconds to reach the Lich and conquer the Lich Tower in a few minutes.

More thorough explorers can follow the side paths found in the main room, finding dead ends, monster spawners or smaller staircase rooms leading to chests or even smaller staircases. Spawners should be broken on sight, as the tight areas can easily become crowded.

Treasures Edit

Items found in the Lich Tower that can be considered treasure include Books, many kinds of Potions and Brewing ingredients,Ender Pearls, and lesser Vanilla gear, both normal and enchanted.

Boss Edit

Twilight Forest - Lich Tower - Boss Room

The Lich's chamber at the top of its tower.

The boss of the Lich Tower is the Twilight Lich, a skeleton-like monster wielding a Scepter of Twilight. The player must remove shields orbiting around the creature by attacking or reflecting the Twilight Lich's ranged moves, then proceeding to the slaughter the Lich with a weapon of choice. The Lich teleports, strikes with explosive shots and summons Lich Minions. It drops one of three possible Scepters, Ender Pearls, powerful Gold Armor, and a Lich Trophy upon death.

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