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Long Bow is an item added by Better Dungeons. It uses the same sprite as the normal bow.

It is capable of slightly higher damage rolls (up to 10), but the difference is so small that it's not worth seeking out.

Using a longbow


  • When used with LegendGears's quiver with no arrows in the player's inventory, the Longbow charges to full instantly.
  • If F1 is pressed anytime during charging and the arrow is not released (by de-selecting the bow) then it will stay as a charged bow in the action bar.
  • All Long Bow sprites will appear to draw an arrow at the same time if you have more than one visible while you take aim.
  • If a Better Dungeons mob is slain while drawing back the Long Bow, there is a chance it will drop the charged bow. This is fixed as soon as the bow is held in the player's hand.


  • When drawing back the bow, it is animated on the action bar as well.