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The Longshoot is an upgraded version of the Hookshoot added by the Better Dungeons mod with a longer reach of 20 blocks total. As with the  Hookshoot, the Longshoot will pull you directly to the first block the hook comes into contact with. The hook fires at a slightly higher speed than the normal Hookshoot.


The Hookshoot, Longshoot, and Manualhook for comparison.

Crafting Edit

The Longshoot can be crafted with two Hookshoots.
Crafting GUI.png




Uses Edit

  • The Longshot can be used to create the Manualhook.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to Hexxit 1.0.7, this item was named LongShoot
  • If an entity is hit by the Longshoot, the smaller entity will be pulled toward the larger entity.
  • The Longshoot can be used to grapple up incredibly high structures by firing above yourself, then releasing the hook and firing above again upon reaching the first block. Repeating this process allows players to scale virtually limitless heights. While possible with the Hookshoot, the larger range of the Longshot makes this a much simpler task.
  • You can use multiple longshoots/hookshoots simultaneously. By alternating between them, one can completely avoid even touching the ground with practice.
  • The Longshoot, the Hookshoot and the Manualhook may corrupt chunks, making them dangerous to use
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