Health 25 (Heartx12.5)
Damage Unknown
Armor Unknown
Aggression Unknown
Breedable? No
Tameable? No
Drops Large Heart 0-1 Large Heart
16px 0-2 Tusk
Scrap Meat 0-2 Scrap Meat
Fur Pelt 0-2 Fur Pelt
16px 0-1 Mammoth Head
Added By Project Zulu
Spawn Egg Spawn Mammoth

Mammoths are a very large neutral mob from the Project Zulu mod. They have 25 health (12.5 hearts). Mammoths normally spawn in snowy biomes. If attacked, they can be fairly dangerous. They have a long attack range, so it is advised to use an asgard shield or giant sword if one decides to use melee.

They drop 0-1 Large Hearts, 0-2 Tusks, 0-2 Scrap Meat, and/or 0-2 Fur Pelts.