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Mercenary is a mob added by Better Dungeons. It can only be acquired in Creative mode, and its spawn item is untextured. When you hold this item and right-click somewhere, a mob will spawn called "Friend." It is unknown if this item is intended to ever be acquired by the player in future updates.

Friend Edit

In Hexxit 1.5.2 when it is spawned in the corner it is name FriendlyHuman.

Friends suited up and awaiting orders

Friend is the mob created by using the Mercenary item. It will wander around like any other mob until the player right clicks on the mob itself to control it. Its name will then update to Friend.Player, where Player is the name of the player. For example, if the player Dinnerbone clicked on an unclaimed Friend, the resulting name will be Friend.Dinnerbone. If attacked before controlling, they will not retaliate. This mob does not easily kill necromancers or other magically armed bosses.

They will attack most mobs on sight, and ignore harmful mobs like the Creeper, similar to Iron Golems. They will attack any mob the player attacks and will follow the player around.

In the event enough distance is gained, they will teleport to the player similar to the Ocelot and Wolf teleporting.

They can be equipped with weapons and armor by holding the item in hand and then right-clicking on the controlled Friend mob. Any items they are equipped with cannot be reclaimed, even if they are killed. They also do not offer protection against down-grading gear and will equip whatever item is given to them last, which means any Diamond armor can be replaced with Leather armor or lower without question. An easier use for them is to give them a healing staff, so they support you in battle without killing themselves.


  • Some items from other mods may not work with them, such as the Bane of Pigs or other Tinkers' Construct items.
  • When the player attacks a pig the Friend will not kill the pig, instead they ride them with no control of the pig. On the older Minecraft 1.5.2 versions, the item is referred to Mercenary, but the mob itself is referred as "FriendlyHuman" and when equipped with a weapon it's name changes. For example when equipped with a Revolver the FriendlyHuman is called a "gunner". or when equipped with a Healer Staff it is called a "healer".


  • In the higher version of Better Dungeons (not used in Hexxit), Mercenaries use the head part of the Steve skin.
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