Meteor Chip
ID 6077
Stackable Yes (64)
Type Materials
Craftable No
Smeltable No
Added By Falling Meteors

Meteor Chip is a material added by Falling Meteors that may be found by mining Fallen Meteor or Meteor blocks with a Pickaxe.

When mining meteorite blocks, occasionally one will spawn an Alien Creeper.

Uses Edit

Meteor Chips are used in the crafting of the Meteorite Ingot which crafts all the Meteorite Tools and Armor.


  • The drop rate of Meteor Chips from a meteorite block is affected by the fortune enchantment in the same way as ore blocks such as diamond ore, coal ore, and redstone ore.

History Edit

  • This item does not exist in Hexxit 2.0 versions due to the removal of the Falling Meteors mod, but was however added back in Hexxit 3.0 versions and later.