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The Meteor Proximity Detector is a compass-like tool added by the Falling Meteors mod. Similar in function to the Meteor Time Detector and the Meteor Crash Detector, it aids the Player in tracking down Meteor crash sites.


Like a Compass, the Meteor Proximity Detector will point the Player to a specific area. Rather than pointing to the world's spawn however, it will instead lead them to the location of the closest relative crash site to the player. It does not, however, take into account whether the Meteor has landed yet, only it's proximity.

The Detector only tracks naturally occurring Meteors, and is not affected by Players using Meteor Summoners.

If the Detector does not detect a nearest crash site, or if the Player is in any Dimension other than the Overworld, it will instead spin around randomly, similar to a compass if used in the Nether or The End.

When pointing to a future crash site, the Meteor Proximity Detector can be used in conjunction with a Meteor Timer to predict when the Meteor will crash.

Crafting Edit

The Meteor Proximity Detector is created using 4 Meteor Chips and 1 Redstone.

Crafting GUI.png

Meteor Chip

Meteor Chip


Meteor Chip

Meteor Chip

Meteor Proximity Detector

Notes Edit

  • The Meteor Proximity Detector will more than likely be the first Detector the Player will be able to craft, since the Meteor Chips needed to craft it can be mined from naturally occurring Fallen Meteor blocks located underground.
  • While it may look like the Detector works inside of an Item Frame, it will fail to function as expected. It will update the display to match the item in hand but will not show where it is from the frames location. A room would be necessary to make use of this to have a more pinpointed location off of item frames.
  • Like the Clock and Compass, the Meteor Proximity Detector functions normally in the NEI or crafting area without actually needing to be crafted, making it unnecessary to craft if you don't need it to be portable.


  • The Meteor Proximity Detector functions as a halfway between it's brothers the Time and Crash Detectors, not looking for any specific Meteor, only the closest one.

History Edit

  • Hexxit 3.0:Item re-added due to mod inclusion.
  • Hexxit 2.0:Item removed due to mod removal.
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