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The area protected by a basic Meteor Shield, outlined using Protected Land Testers.

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Fully upgraded Meteor Shield

The Meteor Shield is a block added by the Falling Meteors mod. Its purpose is to protect the area of land it is placed in from the effects of meteors. Once placed, it will take a moment to charge. A player can immediately finish the initial charging sequence by right-clicking the shield with a Meteor Chip. Once charged, it will protect land within a certain radius from meteors.

The basic Meteor Shield protects up to 64 blocks away from its center, meaning that its protection will be circular instead of square. The fully upgraded shield protects 320 blocks.

One can increase the radius of the shield by using Red Meteor Gems to upgrade the shield. The shield begins at 20% power and each Red Meteor Gem will add 20%, meaning 4 Red Meteor Gems fully upgrade the shield. Once 4 gems are used, the shield will be at full power and will fire a purple beam into the sky akin to Vanilla Minecraft's Beacon. This beam will change color every time it deflects a meteor, depending upon the type of Meteor it just blocked and the owner of the Meteor Shield.

One can test to see if his land is protected by using a Protected Land Tester. If the Protected Land Tester lights up, then it means the land is protected.


Crafting GUI.png

Meteor Chip



Meteor Chip



Meteor Chip



Meteor Shield


  • Meteor Shields may not protect from summoned meteors depending on its settings.


  • This block does not exist in Hexxit 2.0 versions due to the removal of the Falling Meteors mod, but was however added back in Hexxit 3.0 versions and later.
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