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The Mimic is a neutral mob added by Project Zulu. They notably spawn inside of pyramids and labyrinths.


Mimics look like chests and will remain passive until a player attempts to use them like a regular chest or attacks them.


Mimics can be easily avoided because placing the crosshair on one brings up its information in the HUD, alerting the player to its true nature.


  • In most of the games they appear in (such as Terraria and Dark Souls), Mimics are tough enemies and hard to tell apart from regular chests, but leave worthwhile loot to make up for it. However, in Hexxit, they are very easy to detect and destroy, and their loot are mostly useless.
  • When a Mimic spawns near a normal chest, they do not combine, giving its positioning away very easily, even without the HUD.
  • Mimics can come as Rare/Ultra/Infernal mobs as well, but not changing their natural lifepoints (20), and so it's easy to spot them, since they have the particles around them.
  • The BEST way to detect them (not that the Damage Indicators mod doesn't help) is to walk into them. If you can phase through them, then you know that they are mimics.
  • A Mimic (if disturbed slightly but not enough for it to attack) will try to "walk" away from its disturber. Clearly giving its location away.
  • The Mimics most common drop is Ectoplasm (the item, not the mob)

    An Ultra Mimic giving away it's position.