The Mimic

  • A miffed Mimic.
  • A disguised Mimic.

The Mimic is a potentially hostile mob found in Hexxit. They spawn in certain Better Dungeons, notably pyramids and labyrinths.


Mimics look like chests, and will remain passive until a player attempts to use them like a regular chest, gets too close, or attacks them.


Mimics can be easily avoided because placing the crosshair on one brings up its information in the HUD, alerting the player to its true nature.


  • In most games in which they appear, Mimics are very tough and difficult to detect, but drop worthwhile loot to make up for it. In Hexxit, however, they are spectacularly easy to detect and kill, and their loot is mostly useless.
  • They could be based of the mimics from terraria.
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