Miner Tree

A Miner's tree

This magical tree is a special tree that can be found as a sapling within a Leaf Dungeon. The Miner's Tree will pull up different ores from the ground, making it a very valuable tree. This tree will act the same as an Ore Magnet, but will not run out.


This tree looks like a pickaxe, and is made of four blocks: Miner's Leaves, Minewood, Minewood Core, and Roots.

  • The leaves is animated, even in your inventory, it does NOT have chance to drop the Miner's Tree Sapling, it have chance to drop birch tree sapling instead.
  • The Minewood can't be used in any crafting recipes.
  • The Minewood Core is the block that 'pull' ores. See Minewood Core for more detailed information.
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